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Don’t Waste Your Future e-LEARNING COURSES Teachers vs Early School Leaving: 1-0

Early school leaving (ESL) is rightly considered as one of the major challenges in education policy. Teachers across Europe need a strong support to face the challenges of everyday life with students that want to leave school earlier. Don’t Waste Your Future project offers a concrete support for teachers dealing with the problem of Early School Leaving in their classes…

03 Jul 2017

Keep calm and join #DontWasteYourFuture community!

Are you ready to keep in touch with teachers, parents and students that live in different countries and are tackling similar problems in their communities? Well, it will take you just few minutes! Then you will get to know people from all over Europe that are fighting against Early School Leaving, exchange tips and best…

17 Oct 2016

Why tackling Early School Leaving matters

Reducing the average European rate of early school leavers to less than 12% by 2020 is one of the education headline targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy. Early school leaving represents missed opportunities for young people and loss of social and economic potentials, since it reduces their chances to participate in the social, cultural and…

13 May 2016