objectivesDon’t Waste Your Future is an Erasmus+ project that sees the participation of partners from different European countries: Turkey, Italy, UK, Spain and Portugal. The majority of these countries have in common a very high rate of Early School Leaving. For this reason partners decided to fight against these numbers by directly transferring best practices and innovative approaches on helping early school leavers with opportunities to re-engage back into education.

Expected results on teachers/VET organisations/Training Institution/Public Authorities and Policy Makers in the field of Education and Training:

  • improve the relationship among students-parents-schools;
  • increase a positive attitude among teachers;
  • create a comfortable learning environment in schools.

Expected results on young people and students:

  • decrease the number of economically disadvantaged students thanks to the help of the school guidance service;
  • increase the participation in trainings;
  • improve academic achievement, self-confidence and motivation;
  • increase the awareness about the personal problems and self-acceptance;
  • protect young people from bullying, discrimination and social exclusion.