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The ‘NEET Statistics Quarterly Brief’ April to June 2016 shows some mixed results across England

The proportion of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) fell for the 19-24 and 16-24 age groups but rose for the 16-18 age group.


  • The 16-18 NEET rate was 8.0% in April to June 2016, up 0.5 percentage points from the comparable quarter in 2015, although this change was not statistically significant
  • Over the same period the 19-24 NEET rate fell 1.8 percentage points (to 13.9%) and the overall 16-24 rate fell by 1.1 percentage points (to 12.0%)
  • The 19-24 and 16-24 rates are the lowest April to June figures since comparable data began in 2001.

Regional NEET, age 16-18: England, Nov 2015-Jan 2016 average

In regard to England the regional picture on 16-18 NEET is taken from Local Authorities’ Client Caseload Information System (CCIS), which was published in April 2016 and illustrates the situation across the country.

The following table shows the data indicates that the northern English regions have higher NEET rates, i.e. North East, North West, and Yorkshire and the Humber. In comparison, London, South East and East Midlands have the lowest NEET rates.


Local Authority CCIS data are published annually and tend to show a lower percentage NEET than either the Participation SFR or LFS data sources.  However, the proportions illustrate the variation in the challenges faced by each region of the country.